February 14, 2014

SOLD - Juicy - Original Citrus Still Life in Oils, 12 by 6 inches

After fretting over all those figures and shadows, I wanted to loosen up and paint something really quick. This is one of my big goals for the year and the near future, to pick up the larger brushes as much as I can and to paint looser. It is very easy for me to reach out to my tiny brushes and get really fussy over too much detail. It is only when I pause to look at the painting do I realise more often than not that I have overworked it. Most of the times I don't know when to stop. 

But for all my intentions to use the bigger brushes etc, I find this extremely difficult when doing figures. The best way to get started was to paint something with more broader shapes than figures and this reference was just perfect. So when I was looking for Painted this for the Citrus Challenge on DPW

Oil on Canvas, 12 by 6 inches
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I use the largest brush and it was done in just over an hour. And I was forced to stop as my napping daughter got up and that was my alarm :-D 


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