April 19, 2011

Very Berry - Some more strawberries in Oils

Those who know my still lifes, don't you also know that the top view is my favorite? Hell yeah, I am a complete sucker for the top view, of objects I mean. :-) So soon after I finished painting Toppled, from life, I captured a few images of the set up from different viewpoints, one of which is the quintessential top angle. 

Very Berry
Oil on Hardboard, 6 by 6 inches
$100 and ships free worldwide
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There is one more strawberry still life coming, but this one is my favorite among the three. I especially like how the coffee mug turned out in this one, more than the fruit itself. Do you like it? Why not write to me with some comments? I love to hear from you!

Very Berry
Oil on Hardboard, 6 by 6 inches
Framing suggestion
Let me leave you with a framing suggestion. I love chunky frames as this one and love to see my art in them, even if it is only a collage :) Frames are not included in the price of the painting, this is only a suggestion. I would be very happy to guide you in choosing a frame though, just write in and let me know!


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