April 9, 2011

Mirror mirror on the Wall - Some fun with figures!

Every once in a while, I make random searches for images in stock websites and in the reference image library in WetCanvas. Not that I am done painting with all my own images and am running out of stuff to paint, but just to get my creative juices flowing I look at different images, and then work up possible compositions in the mind and so on. 

That's how I landed on this image at sxc.hu. And loved it so much that I just dropped everything else that I was doing and got to this. Loved the idea of painting this guy and his very many mirror reflections without showing a glimpse of the face. This one too is painted only with the primaries. No burnt sienna on my palette, though it forms a large part of the painting. 

Mirror mirror on the wall
Acrylics on Canvas, 5 by 7 inches
$100 and ships FREE. Click here to Buy
Coming up with a title for this one was great fun. I first named it "Glass Palace", which was of course oh-so-boring and pretty lame. And then I wanted to name it "Infinite Loop". That's the first thought that comes to my mind thinking of these endless mirror reflections. My husband felt that non techies would not get it though and that would be a bummer too. Just then my friend Arvind suggested this title to me on Facebook. He originally said "Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who can count them all". Since it was too long a title, I just cropped it :) 


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