February 3, 2011

New video: Paintings in January 2011

When I tried to make videos of all my paintings in the end of 2010, I almost fainted at the number of images and was exasperated by the time I put them together. They were so many that I could manage only 3 videos that covered about half the number of works that I did last year. I did not have the enthusiasm to make videos of the remaining ones.

So it was one of my goals this year to do this on a monthly basis. It makes my life much easier and gives me a chance to publish new content on my channel at least once a month. So here it is, paintings for the first month of the year. It is hardly surprising that most of them are people, considering that's what is keeping me excited for the time being.

Hope you enjoy seeing them all together. I quite like them. I could be hallucinating but I think they look coherent together. Let me know what you think. And I have a lot many more beach and summer paintings coming up, this whole month for sure and maybe a bit into March too.


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