February 3, 2011

Make an offer - February 2011 - At the beach

I'd like to firs apologise for the delay in posting my make an offer painting for this month, as I was busy with work. I was first thinking about one more painting from Venice from one of my references, but then just went with the flow and chose to do one from my ongoing series itself.

I was feeling very rusty over the last week or so and that too is a reason for the delay. I was painting mindlessly but not happy with anything that came out of it. As a result, I started around 5 new paintings and did not finish even one. I was switching canvasses, just waiting for it to click. Today too was a difficult painting day, the brush just did not seem to flow. But then I decided to persist some more and then decided to stop at a point where any more work I felt would ruin it. I am not entirely happy with the painting, certainly not my  best work but that's the way it is now. All I hope is tomorrow is a better and more productive day.

At the beach
Oil on canvas, 8 by 8 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

Starts at $60, click here to mail me

The process is the same, if you are interested in this painting, please send me a mail. The offer price starts at $60, which is at a 20% discount from the actual price of the painting, which is what it will  be when I list it in my store. I hope you like it and your comments are welcome.

This painting is mildly textured, as I started with the palette knife and did even parts of her body with her knife but completed it with a brush.


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