February 13, 2011

Eight times over!

One of the very few sites that I subscribe to, Daily Paintworks, has introduced a weekly challenge. And it is open for artists all over to participate. This challenge by one of my favorite artists, Carol Marine is to paint a single object within ten minutes. It is called the "Ten minute challenge". All we had to do was to zero in on one object, divide the canvas into squares or rectangles of a couple of inches and paint the same object repeatedly with only ten minutes for each attempt.

Eight times over
Oil on Canvas, 6 by 12 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan
$75 + shipping, Click here to Buy

I was excited about doing this one, as it is something I have never done before. I chose my simple coffee mug and painted it eight times on a 6 by 12 canvas. With each attempt I tried to change not only the position, but also a bit of my technique, background etc. This was the first time I painted with a timer and phew it was scary! Like writing an exam after all these years!

It was a great exercise in "cutting the crap" and focussing on just what is necessary. When I work from photos, I will many a time zoom into great detail and try to incorporate more detail. There are so many times I over work a painting as I just don't realize where to stop. This was a great idea for that. At the tenth minute, I stop no matter where I am. It was awesome! Let me know what you think.

Do you have a favorite? Can you take a guess which square was painted first? I expected that the first one would be the worst and things would get better from there. But this was quite challenging with every attempt that I personally don't think mug #1 is the worst. My favorite is the top left square, which was I think attempt #5. Let me know yours :-)


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