April 18, 2010

Dutch Damsels #7

Dutch Damsels #7Dutch Damsels #7
Palette Knife on board, 13 by 18 cms
© Nithya Swaminathan

I read somewhere that Holland produces around 11 billion bulbs a year, no wonder the entire country looks like it's been carpeted by a rainbow. The best part about visiting the countryside is that you could just rent a bicycle and go around very close to the fields. We were fooling around near one of the fields taking a lot of photos. Just then, a farmer walked in to check on the field, and he was so glad to let us in when we requested. Not only that, he also pulled out a bunch of daffodils and gifted it to us :-)

Also, there are farmers selling huge bunches of bulbs at very affordable prices in around these fields. They were selling a bunch of 50 for just 5 Euros. Now compare that with paying the same amount for a dozen tulips here! Phew!


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