April 14, 2010

Dutch damsels #3 - my tryst with pink

Pink is a very challenging color to mix, it is very very difficult to get a perfect pink sans any traces of yellow in it. Recently we were also having a brainstorming on WetCanvas about how to mix the perfect pink. I have been bogged down by this challenge quite a few times as well.

I did quite a few pink irises, and even waterlilies. But none of them made use of an off-the-shelf pink. They were mixed to the best of my abilities, though they always left me a little unsatisfied. During my trip to the art stationery store this time, I picked up W & N Permanent rose and Magenta. Since I am doing a lot of florals these days, I thought they were good colors to have, and I am already in love with the permanent rose. That explains my pink tulips. :) I have even started painting a huge canvas with more pink tulips, for our bedroom. God knows when I will get to complete it though.

Dutch Damsels #3
Dutch Damsels #3
Palette Knife on panel, 5 x 7 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan

Let me know if you like this pink :)


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