March 9, 2008

Self portrait - almost completed

I posted the incomplete version of the self portrait in time for the challenge at WetCanvas, and the extremely encouraging folks there said it was looking good already! People said that there was a very good resemblance and some tweaks would finish it up well.

After a week, I got back to the portrait and it is almost completed now. My face is fully done and I just have some little tweaks in the background. So more or less done. The face hasn't undergone any big changes from version 3.0. I had to increase my right cheek, which was not showing my chubby face fully. A slight increase in the cheek made a HUGE difference to the picture overall. And then pushing of some darks around the eyes kinda did it. Here is a look at the whole picture.

A closer look at my image alone -
I am happy with the result. It now looks like me in the mirror too, though it looks like my mouth is skewed at an angle! In the normal view it looks just fine. Let me know your comments, especially if you have met me in person.:-)

Updated: Here is a link to the Self Portrait Challenge 2008 at WetCanvas. This thread contains everyone's portraits with other's comments. Absolutely stunning work by all of them! And this is the gallery with all images alone put together, aptly titled "The Rogues Gallery 2008" :D


  1. Yes! :-) Its come out very well Nithya. You must be proud, your first self portrait!


  2. That place reminds me so much of Baltimore! Not qualified to comment on painting but i love that style as i just saw Scanner Darkly! You have done a good realistic job!

  3. Altoid,
    Thanks so much. Yeah I am much more happy with this now.:)

    Thanks for dropping by. The place is Paris, just opposite the Notre Dame with the river Seine in the background. I have not done justice to the lovely background though.:)

  4. Nithya...finally found! that is all i can say! btw, remember me?

  5. IBH!
    Nice to see u here.. ofcourse i remember u..:) thank u :-)


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