March 24, 2008

Sketchcrawl in Bangalore

The 18th International Sketchcrawl is happening this Saturday (29th March), and we have a group of us going to be sketching in Bangalore too! A sketchcrawl is a worldwide event where groups of people get together across the globe and sketch from life the whole day. What a way to spend the day. And then, we share all our sketches online. Thanks to an initiative by a Bangalore based artist at WetCanvas, I got to know about this event and I am thrilled to bits.

Like me, if you too are not aware of the sketchcrawl concept, here is a basic intro -
- Introduction to a sketchcrawl
- Suggested Materials

If you are in Bangalore and interested in sketching, leave a comment with you email, or shoot in a mail to me. You could also sign up in this thread in the sketchcrawl forum. Lets have fun!


  1. Wish I could be there :(. Enjoy Nithya and all the best.

  2. This sounds like great fun, and yes a fanatstic way to spend the whole day sketching......heaven....hope you have a good time and make lots of super art.

  3. NITYA, YOU ARE A FANTASTIC ARTIST!Waiting to see pics of your sketchcral. Thanks a lot for coming over along with Rohit to meet me. Felt happy to meet a nice person lie you.


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