May 20, 2014

Study in Red #3 - Original Still Life in Oils

I am still in the mood to paint red bell peppers :-) I was a lot more comfortable mixing the reds for this piece. I laid down my darkest darks first and then worked lighter from there. Normally, when I work from lightest to dark, I sometimes find myself in a position where the darks are well, too dark. Since I wanted to avoid that, I laid down not so dark darks first. I guess it worked better. And quicker. 

These are painted based on references that aren't mine. I so wish I could paint them from life, which I probably would sometime soon. I have an idea for a series of life paintings of peppers, and I will get to work on it soon. Until then, these references were too good to let go of. I liked the complementary background better than a greyish one, so went in with the green this time around too. 

Study in Red #3
Oil on board, 6 by 6 inches


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