February 28, 2012

Spring blossom - Textured floral painting in Oils

The magnolia is one flower that I never painted before. For the amount of florals that I do, it is quite something. I do have some nice references though, and when I look for the next painting, I just skim through them and never bothered to get to them. This time however, I was struggling with another painting, I do not remember which one, and then took out a fresh board and started this little piece on a whim. 

Spring blossom
Oil on board, 6 by 6 inches
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It was a great break from the figures that I was painting. Before I realized I had made good progress with it and it kind of painted itself! :) I splurged at the art store recently and among my purchases were a couple of lovely shades of pink. They were promptly put to use here. Love them pinks! :)

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