March 12, 2011

Art for Japan - A fundraiser for the Tsunami Relief

An update:
Artists at Etsy, I am sure most of you would have seen this already, but sharing it once again here - 

Artists at Etsy have also been brainstorming ideas to set up a collective shop for charity purposes, but the Admin's stance is not yet clear on this. I will continue to update this post as and when some concrete information is available.

Meanwhile, I am making this fundraiser active on my Etsy and Artfire stores. For every painting that is purchased. 

This is an attempt to help the earthquake and tsunami victims of Japan in a small way, and I will be donating a THIRD of my sales to the Red Cross. By purchasing an original painting from me, you could donate an amount starting from $10 to the Red Cross towards the relief efforts. 

This is not an auction. The prices of my paintings can be seen in my stores roughly a third of the sales will go towards the relief efforts in Japan. For EVERY painting that is sold, I will donate 1/3 of the price to the Red Cross. This will mean $10 for the small paintings priced at $35, $20 for my $60 paintings and so on. 

About the paintings -
  • My paintings are all done with high quality Acrylic and/or Oil paints
  • Most of the pieces are done with the palette knife and hence textured
  • I will ship them varnished (unless you specifically tell me not to) so that you can frame them with a standard store bought frame. I use a UV protecting varnish with a gloss finish.
  • The paintings can be framed without a glass and I will be more than happy to offer framing suggestions. 
  • Since I paint in a series, you could frame a set of 3 or 4 similar themed paintings together and they would make an awesome collection. 
  • Most importantly, each piece is an original, one of its kind, signed and dated by me. I do not sell reproductions. 

Please spread the word. Thank you. 

P.S: There is no need to "sign up" in order to purchase a painting from Artfire. Guests can make purchases directly and it takes less than a minute.


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