July 16, 2010

Happy birthday to me :-)

Do you remember the "300 to 30" project that I started a year ago and have been doing over the last 1 year? Well I have completed it successfully just in time before my birthday. And this painting is a piece of cake to celebrate it. This image might be familiar for some, as I had painted cupcakes last year, as Return of the Muse. This image is a part of that reference, with the focus on just one cupcake. Also, this is done with the knife. I chose this image not just because it denoted a celebration of sorts. It was this cupcake painting last year that was the first piece I did on a black support. I have painted over 250 pieces on black after that, it is my most preferred background these days. This image was provided for the DSFDF by Karin and is one of my most favorite references from that challenge. So I chose to paint it. And I wanted to try the same subject in my current style, just to show how much my style has evolved. This was done in less than 20 minutes btw, and is heavily textured. I like the three dimensional feel that there is to the icing that tempts one to touch it. :)

Paint the cake and eat it too
Acrylics on board, 5 by 7 inches
© 2010 Nithya Swaminathan

I have just titled the painting thus, but I don't eat cakes that much. I ain't a fan of anything sweet and cakes are no exception. I just wanted to do one final painting to mark the successful completion of the project, coz I was darn proud of myself. I have loads more to write about the project and learnings and lots of blah. That will follow soon, so just have some cake right now :-) And guess what, this painting is NOT being offered for $29. We are getting into the thirties and no more twenty something prices on paintings. Mail me if you're interested in this one.


  1. Hello Nithya,

    Have been enjoying your paintings. They are so, so beautiful. Do you use palette knives exclusively?
    I am a 'beginner' palette knife painter and would appreciate your suggestions.
    Do you have a palette knife video or book I could buy from you?

    What are your favorite palette knives? OIl Paints? Canvases? Other painting toys?

    THank you so much....... Julie Reagan


  3. Hello Julie,
    Lovely hearing from you, thank you for the wishes and lovely words. I plan to do a video of me painting with the knife, will let you know when it is done. It's top most on my to do list right now. I use acrylic paints, not oils. And I use a small knife, which will be about half an inch wide. These paintings are small so thats the only knife I use. Fpr a larger painting I used knives upto 2 inches wide. They spread quick and cover areas nicely. I paint on hardboard. I will do a post on that as well, how these boards are prepared.

    Warm Regards,


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