July 15, 2010

"Yellow Daisies #1" - May the sun shine

These little beauties are right from my backyard. I did not even know that they were daisies, how dumb is that. I thought they were some mini versions of the sun flower. And then googled to find out what flowers they were. I took quite a few shots of these flowers but they did not look greatly different from each other, so just stopped with 3 paintings. As a big group of flowers they looked so lovely that they'll make a nice subject for a bigger canvas. Some other day perhaps. Let me know what you think.

Yellow Daisies #1 - Original Palette Knife painting by Nithya Swaminathan
Yellow Daisies #1
Acrylics on Board, 5 by 7 inches
© Nithya Swaminathan


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