March 30, 2010

Targets for April

I plan to accomplish the following things in April:

  • Complete 100 small paintings

  • Complete 500 km cycling

  • Work properly 20 hrs every week

  • complete 75% of Sapna's commission.

  • Blog the commission as a step by step process.

  • Blog daily paintings daily and do not accumulate.

  • Do not miss workout even on a single day.

Lofty targets, aren't they?! I reckon April is going to be the first month I am going to be rested to the extreme and I do not want to lag behind on any of the things viz. Work, Workout, Art and Blogging. And of course home. Let's see how it goes. As of now, my plan is like this:

  • Work from 4 to 7.30 every morning

  • Workout from 9 to 11.

  • Work again from 11 to 1.30

  • Paint from 2.30 to 6.30

  • Spend time with Guglu from 6.30 to 8.30

  • Blog and update website and other online stuff till 10.30

This would essentially mean I'd have to completely stay away from timepassing activities, which is great. Nothing better I say! And if I accomplish all of these, I treat myself to something significant on May 1st. Way to go! :)


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