June 30, 2009

Different Strokes - Row, row, row your boat

My entry for the ongoing challenge at the Different strokes blog. The image is full of greys, shot on an overcast day. I just felt like adding a little more color to it, and that's what I have done. Just made the waters and the ripples a tad more pronounced than in the reference. Had a tough time painting the ripples! It's been a while since I painted water and was feeling quite rusty!

Row row row your boat
Acrylics on Canvas, 18 * 24 cms

Copyright Nithya Swaminathan

All the entries together can be seen here. Your feedback is welcome.


  1. Nice entry for DSFDF. It almost looks like little fishes are forming in the water by the boat.

  2. Great use of color - this is quite nice!


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