June 30, 2009

Richeson75 - Online Exhibit

Recently, I had blogged that one of my apple paintings was accepted into the Richeson 75 still life and floral exhibition. The exhibition is now available online.

My painting Apples and Glass seen here was juried in. However, I did not send the original across as it was turning out to be too expensive and not quite feasible. Check out the various entries, a lot of which are out of the world :)

After my quarterly review of this years goals, I had planned to do it every quarter. And yes, another quarter has just gone by in a blink! I currently have a lot of unfinished stuff going on, that I wish to complete them before the mid year review. I will be posting the mid year review this weekend, on the 5th July. I hope things will be in a state of logical conclusion so that a review makes more sense.


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