December 9, 2007

My first Art exhibition and more.

I am glad that finally took part in an exhibition. It was a great learning experience meeting a lot of artists, having a look at the kind of work that others do etc etc. My first learning was that I need to work larger, I felt my pieces were miniscule compared to the others. Even a 16*20 seemed so small on the wall, especially when hung without a frame.

I wish more people had turned up, though I do not know anything about how the average turnout would be for events like these. I did not have any enquiries or anything, but got to develop a few contacts. That was the most important goal of the event, to create a platform for art lovers to interact. Two of my friends dropped in and I did not expect either. It was a pleasant surprise to meet Altoid for the first time, and Cheti after almost 3 yrs! Thank you both!:)

The event was great overall, a great initiative by the BYOA guys. They plan to have more events in future to help artists network, let us see. Great job guys!

Me with both my pieces that were exhibited

Among other things, I got my website up and running finally. I have my domain name booked for well over 6 months now, but never got around to building a decent looking site. This time the motivation was different. I had to market myself at a public event and it was a must that my site was updated. I have gone in with SiteKreator, which is very popular amongst artists for the good image handling capabilities. Have a look at and give me your valued opinions.


  1. Hi Nithya,
    One of my frnds showed me your blog. Its really nice, I think, we have something in common. I too am an engineer during day and at night, ar artist. Check this blog entry to find more..
    and I have uploaded my paintings here..
    I think our works are very different, I do water color and black pen only.. And since I never had any formal training or anything, my paintings lacks professionalism. And Ii do mostly nature.. All your paintings are so professional.. I love them.. Great Work, keep going.. I checked you site also.. :)
    But art is not the only thing I do too.. Check my photos & blogs..

  2. Nits ... get a good portrait shot of yours ! Need not be in a studio or anything ! You site is simple and neat !

    I love that Dog !

  3. Congratulations on this great accomplishment!! I was in Bangalore during this period and wish I had come to the show. Tight schedule during my short stay prevented me from coming. However, made it to the Chitra Mela at CKP end of Dec.
    The artists exhibited stunning works!


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