December 31, 2007

Looking back at 2007

As the year draws to a close, it is time to look back and reflect upon my art and growth as an artist during the year. The year seems to have gone by just like that, and I would certainly say that I have grown as an artist. I am happier with my art than I was same time last year. Whether I am satisfied or not is a different story altogether, but I think I am on my way there. It is time to reward myself for everything that I managed to do, and introspect things that went wrong.

The foremost achievement for me this year is the very fact that I have managed to draw/paint very regularly. I wanted to make this a daily habit, which I did during the latter part of the year. Initially I was painting whenever I found the time, and slowly I have learnt to make the time for it. This was my first year of painting with a child, with her taking most of my time. I would say I fared reasonably well.

The next good outcome from this year is I finally started making some money with my art. I started taking up private commissions and it has been a lovely ride so far. The money that I have made is not even worth mentioning, it is a miniscule percentage of what I earn through my job, but it is the one that excites me much more. The feeling that someone is ready to pay for your art is simply priceless, and I got that happiness this year.

And then I took part in my first ever exhibition. Though I did not have much success, I got a chance to interact with other artists and stuff. And it gave me a first hand view of the art market here.

This one is not an achievement by any means, but one that I am happy about - I ventured into doing Art Cards (miniatures) and loved it so much. I will continue to do more of them in 2008.

I updated my website and also blogged my paintings during the year. The website thing was pending forever, and I finally got to do it. I would be improvising it as I go, but I have a decent looking site ready to inform anyone who wants to see what I do. I used to blog my art regularly till 2005, and stopped it last year when I was on long leave. Now I have started again and it has been good so far. I have also interacted more often at WetCanvas and learnt immensely from other artists out there.

And finally, my biggest achievement this year has been the great progress in my time management skills, where I could effectively make time for art amidst everything else. I have gotten over my laziness in a big way, something that I am very proud of! There is still a long way to go, but I have made good progress. So with all these behind me, I am really looking forward to making a fresh start in the new year. Lots of more art to come in the coming days, watch this space.

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  1. thats pretty impressive nits ! All the best for the future and wish you a very happy new year !


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