October 3, 2015

Doubly Citrus - a new experiment

This morning, I wanted to paint some orange slices under sunlight. I had some sort of a setup in my mind and went ahead arranging things and playing around in the studio. Just when I was about to finalize on a setup, the sunlight vanished. I had not even taken a picture and the light had completely changed. I was really disappointed and walked out of the studio.

After a while, I had another idea. To split up the slices and set them up against two different objects on two backgrounds. Hence I set up these identical still lifes side by side and decided to paint them simultaneously too. What's more, they use *exactly* the same palette. I went in for Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Red Deep, Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White. This is pretty much my usual palette, when I do not need any saturated greens. 

We all know that using any 3 primaries and white, you can pretty much mix the entire spectrum. But to see that in action like this is surreal. I mixed a purple, a blue leaning variant, a red leaning variant. One went on the left panel and the other on the right panel. It was great fun, something that I am itching to repeat already. :) 

Doubly Citrus
Oil on board, each 7 by 5 inches
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