March 3, 2012

"Face off!" - Original Oil beach painting by Nithya Swaminathan

When I did two kid paintings on the beach, all my other beach references came gushing back to me and I will be continuing with them one by one. 

I started this painting originally with both the figures seen in full, and a bit of the sky too in the background. I had stopped it at a stage where there was an hour's work needed. When I looked at it the next day though, I did not like it and felt the figures weren't interesting enough. Then I sketched them out again in a closer crop and felt it worked a little better. So went ahead and wiped off the painting and started afresh.

Face off!
Oil on Canvas, 8 by 8 inches
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I did not take a picture of the initial version of this painting, so that it would have been nice to look at them side by side. Oh well, but I am glad that I went ahead and changed it instead of trying to "fix" it. Let me know how you like it.


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