December 23, 2009

Moving my blog

This has been a long awaited move, and it is finally here. I have revamped my website completely, and integrated the blog with the website itself. So that everything is now available at one place and people do not have to check a dozen URLs.

I request you to please update your bookmarks to the new blog - The main website, which is accessible from the blog too, is here - I have moved to wordpress for the blog, after over 5 years of using blogger. Let's see how it goes.:)

For those who "follow" this blog using Google's friendconnect, can continue to do so from the new blog too. I would be very happy if you continue to follow my blog from the new space too. Thanks a bunch! Here's to new beginnings and I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Xmas and a fantastic 2010!


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