May 14, 2009

Chasing my Rainbow - portrait of a princess

I generally do not take up tags on my blog, obviously since this is an Art blog and I have not yet come across any Art related tag. However, this tag is different. I am first a mother before anything else and so I am willingly taking this up, a lovely tag going around the world to list the 5 best things moms love about motherhood.

I have to say that I am no good at articulating my thoughts as well as some of my friends. Go here, here or here to read some really nicely written tags. :) I will try my best to put across what I love, though it is extremely difficult to limit it to five. I was tagged by the lovely IBH, and here goes my thoughts in no particular order.

1. I have rediscovered myself with motherhood. It is a no brainer that motherhood has made me a stronger person. My daughter has actually made me believe that I can handle two full fledged careers, a happy home, and still find time to pursue my other interests and have time for myself. She has done all this without uttering a word! Before she was born, I had time to roam around every street of Bangalore and equip myself to be a walking Bangalore-restaurant-guide. In short, all that I did was eat and sleep, and crib that I have no time for Art. All that changed miraculously and the more busy I got, the more time I had to do many more things. If not for motherhood, I am sure I'd still be a lazy bum shuttling back and forth between work and home, and nothing else worthwhile to do.

2. I feel I am actually getting younger by the day after becoming a mom. I am rediscovering the simple joys in life, I am more aware of the beauty of nature around me. I stop to notice a butterfly, a ladybug and what not. I go out and dance in the rain, jump around in snow making footprints and have no qualms about doing any of these. I have learned from my daughter to live my life as I want to.

3. Motherhood has made me a believer. In miracles. In unconditional love. It makes me want to be a better person, to make myself worthy of her infinite love. And to give back at least a percent of the love that I get.

4. I have learned to forgive. Or at least ignore if I cannot get myself to forgive. Every time I give my little one a whacking, she showers me with hugs and kisses within minutes. She humbles me with her behavior, that I really want to forgive and not harp about things/people that don't matter.

5. I get to hone up my portraiture skills by painting the most beautiful face in this world. And free of any copyright issues, how cool is that! The gratification I get out of doing her portraits is something I cannot express in enough words. The excitement in her eyes when she sees her face pop out of the canvas is priceless. I get hugs in return, and that is obviously better than any recognition my Art could ever get me. If she is in a great mood, I also get to hear nice things about my work.:) I could of course go on and on, but since the tag says only 5 things, let me stop here.

Chasing my Rainbow
16 * 20 inches, Acrylics on Canvas
Copyright Nithya Swaminathan

I have been planning to do a portrait of my princess for a while now, and Mothers' day seemed a good occasion for it. It is my way of celebrating the blessing that's my daughter, and also the best gift I could give myself this Mothers' day.

I wanted to post this for Mother's day, but I was on vacation. And I wanted to so some last minute tweaks before posting it. Now I would say it is about 90% done, though I have signed it. I don't think I have done justice to her expression, the excitement with which she was chasing these bubbles. The portrait lacks life I would say. I have also posted it on WetCanvas and am waiting for any suggestions to make it better. Else I will have another look after a week, when I hope things will glare at me.

Any moms reading this, please feel free to take up the tag and post your thoughts if you wish. I am not really tagging anyone, take it up if you wish and its fun! Oh and by the way, the first title that crossed my mind when I was doing those bubbles was "Venn diagrams in the air". I was proud of myself for a moment.:)


  1. Lovely! 4 is awesome. I never knew I could learn that behavior from someone. Thanks for sharing, Nithya. I feel so good after reading this post today morning.

  2. Beautiful Nithya! Teju looks adorable! :--)

  3. Nice work!!! btw I m ur fan from the day
    i saw ur work in Kshitij!!!!

  4. Nithya, I am speechless!! You have captured the true essence of motherhood in your writeup and in Tej's innocent face.. But yes, I agree with you- the naughtiness that you caught in the other portrait is missing.


  5. Awesome Nithya ! really beautiful potrait, and words so sweet, they made my eyes wet ..
    God bless u both ! :)

  6. A hug to your princess - what a lovely portrait, and title too! So many layers to that title - the prismatic bubbles, the child's colorful world, a child's magic, dreams of a mother.....


  7. Thank you Sandhya and SK.:)
    Yeah J, with kids I'd say everyday is a new learning experience. Quite humbling! Thank you.

    Anky, thanks so much. I am flattered:)
    Thanks Meghana. Yeah, the naughtiness is missing, still working on it. Hopefully should post an update in a day or two.

    Meenakshi, Thanks a lot for the very kind words.:)

    Priya, yeah the title has many different connotations. It also includes me chasing my own rainbow, i.e trying to find my own artistic voice.:) Thanks a lot.

  8. The portrait...brilliant!
    The write-up....excellent!
    "Venn diagrams in the air"?....Priceless!!!!!


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  10. What a beautiful post... I am just in awe of what you wrote... :) Happy belated Mother's Day!! xox Rose

  11. Hi Nithya......
    Awesome.....Cant believe the person who had Rahul Dravid's signature on his potrait (sketched by you) has grown to become a professional artist.....And Teju looks so much like you!

  12. Lovely portrait Nithya. When she grows up she'll be very proud of her mom.

  13. that first point is so true na! you dont realise how adept you become in doing things till the little one arrives!

    I am working full time, taking care of kids,studying for my masters and what not! if not for that little gal, i will be sulking and complaining about not able to "do" things ....wonderfully written like you :) and what a gorgeous baby you have :) *touchwood*

  14. Thanks a lot Madhumita, Rose and Anand.

    Thanks Dhivya! Glad to see you here. Yeah, the RD portrait is still around, and is *so* precious!:)

    Thanks a lot IBH. Yes, I agree that we have no time to crib now, and thats a great thing.


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