January 11, 2009

Some personal updates

About 3 weeks ago, we have moved from the cozy comforts of Madras to Germany. And bulk of my time thereafter has gone in setting up the new house and making it more livable. It is easier to set up a house from scratch, than to set right one maintained by a guy :-D Well, my husband was here for a couple of months before me and things were lying around all over.  
And then of course, a good deal of time has gone in getting used to the cold! Whats with all the -15!! I have never seen even a +15, the least I have seen prior to coming here is warmer than that. Phew! I come from a city that has only hot, hotter and hottest months in a year, with a good part falling under hottest. So this is entirely new to me and I cannot really say that I am having fun. I hate so much of preparation in terms of clothes layers, to even step out of the house. I miss the times when I could just decide at the drop of my hat and start on my bike. 
One thing I like though is the winter landscape, though it is painfully cold. I like the muted palette, the barren trees, everything that's in complete contrast to my Madras. The whole region seems like its been painted, a visual treat to an artist. It snowed here a week ago, and while my daughter wanted to go out and play in the ice, I thought it was a good excuse to click snaps. I have never painted snow, mainly because I have never experienced snow. Now that I have seen a snowfall for the first time ever, I thought I just HAD to paint it. I have accumulated a lot of snowy references, and I am just sorting them out in terms of crops etc. 
I have packed as many canvas panels as I could from home, and a good supply of materials to last me for a few months. Since I wasn't sure when I would locate a good stationery store, I did not want to take a risk. However, I am mighty glad that I have already found a good store, very nearby to where I live. Yay! So look forward to some genuine wintery scenes in this space. 


  1. Wilkommen zu Deutschland! (did I say that right?). Nice to know about your relocation and am sure German has a lot to offer to your paintbrushes! And thanks for that different strokes from different folks site - is very amazing and a very novel idea. I'm still continuing with your guru on sketching but am too impatient and want wait to catch on with a new medium. Good luck on your stay in the Fatherland!

  2. From the little Deutsch that I know, I guess it is right.:) Thank you for the wishes. Why don't you blog your sketches? Would be good to have an Art Blog.

  3. Thanks for dropping by in my blog. And Welcome to Europe. Having experienced the -15 that you spoke about from this side of the Rhine, I must say in fact it was very pleasant (since it was dry and sunny); Much higher temperatures could feel much colder.. So braze yourself for more though from March, things will start looking up.. And summer is great here.. About multi-layered clothing, I am sure you will resign to such long list of (new) facts of life.. But there are lots of plus too.. First of all you will have lot of time to put to good use.. I am sure you will find enough inspiration from the land scape here regardless of the Seasons..
    I had a look at your blog. Simply amazing.. I have lots to catch up I guess..


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