May 1, 2007

My foray into miniature painting

Art Cards aka ATCs aka ACEOs are tiny little pieces of art, measuring only 2.5 * 3.5 inches. That's about the size of my palm, smaller than that infact. They make nice collectibles and are very popular.

I was continually fascinated by the idea of painting something so small, and the staggering level of detail some artists are able to achieve in the size. Always wanted to give it a try, but my laziness always got the better of me. So recently when there was a project announced at Wetcanvas, I jumped in at the first chance.

A group of 26 artists got together to do a fun ATC exchange, wherein each of us would do 25 paintings and mail them to the others in the group. The project is still on and has been a resounding success so far. I have received several little gems in the mail, and all my ATCs have been extremely well received too. The group has been totally awesome, very supportive and encouraging. The fun part was that we would not post the card online until the recipient gets it, so it would be a surprise package in the mail. Isn't that really cool? I'd open every cover with bated breath only to find a stunning piece of art inside. I've received landscapes, abstracts, still lifes, birds, wildlife, portraits etc etc. Seeing everyone else work was such a great motivation that I completed 25 pics in one shot, in less than 3 weeks. Now that all my cards have reached their new homes safely, I can post them here too. Look forward to a series of ACEOs in this space.


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